Saturday, March 8, 2014

Owen at 6 Months

I know I am a little late in posting this.
 Things, life has been busy. To be expected with a 3 1/2 year old and 6 month old!

Owen at 6 Months

Cut his first teeth at 5 months (two at once!)
That was rough, but once it was over there were two little sharp chompers! He's teething again though. Oh man.

Crawling. Everywhere.
He gets up on all fours and just cruises. There's a bit of an army crawl in there when he gets tired on all fours, but he's faast! The baby gates went up a few weekends ago, as did all the other baby proofing necessities, and not a moment too soon. He's super curious about everything he sees.

Said "Momma" at 5 Months and starting to say "Bobba"
He knows what he is saying. It's not just a coincidence. When he's tired he says momma and in the car the other day he was saying both momma and bobba and wasn't happy until he had both.

Started Solids.
I started him a few weeks before he was 6 months old, but only because he was eager and smacked his lips when he saw us eating. So far he has had pears, butternut squash, avocado, carrots, bananas, rice cereal and oatmeal cereal, and sweet potato, all homemade with my baby bullet. He HATED carrots and seemed to love sweet potatoes the most. He also has a mesh feeder that I put a plum in and he devoured. I put pears in it too and he loves being able to chew. He only gets one meal of solids a day though and the rest is breastfeeding. I strongly believe in following his cues, so if one day no solids, then we don't. 

Takes Naps in his crib.
Well, whenever I feel like putting him down. I really love holding him when he sleeps, but he doesn't seem to mind his crib. Good thing, because Eli was the opposite entirely.

Loves toys! Especially the ones his brother is playing with!

Wearing 9-12 Month Clothing.

Size 3 diapers.

Not sure of his height and weight yet. He has had back to back colds so we haven't had his shots yet and are a little behind on those, but I just couldn't do them with him sick. I am guessing around 17lbs.
We'll see!

Loves to stare at puppies.
He's pretty enamoured by animals and watches our dog, Jerry, all the time and giggles. So cute!

Learned how to "Splash"
It's almost like I had a bath myself I am that soaked. He splashes over and over and over. 

There's so many things to describe Owen. He's sweet, loving, smiley, playful, cooperative, patient...but most of all curious. He has to investigate everything with his mouth and isn't happy if he can't have something. I gently told him he couldn't have something and he got very unhappy about it, and kept persisting until I moved it from his sight. He's gonna keep me on my toes!

It will always be hard for me meeting another milestone, because that's another month gone. At the same time, my heart is so very happy to see a healthy, happy growing boy. But my goodness, where have six months gone?!

"I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
As long as I'm living,
my baby you'll be..."


  1. These babies are growing so fast! I love Owen's hat and you captured some really great pictures :)

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