Saturday, June 14, 2014

Owen at 9 Months

Owen is growing faster than I can blog. My absence here has just shown that all I have time for lately is keeping him from knockin' his noggin' and getting into items like shoes (the dirtier the better), toilet paper, small toys in his brother's room, picture frames on my shelves, the dog's water, the vacuum (he's seriously obsessed), the remote control, and anything else that isn't a toy is like a magnet for him.

He's as curious as they come and I knew it at 2 months old when he would pull my plate towards him while he sat in my lap. He needs to know what everything is. I'm so relieved he can entertain himself and is content with figuring things out on his own. Eli was the opposite, always needing my attention and presence...actually nothing has changed there!

But Owen... he has a calm spirit about him. He doesn't need for much. He's simple. The only time he fusses is when he's super tired, teething or hungry. Fix those and he's happy. Easy and happy.

A few other things about Owen at 9 Months:

Standing in Place. Almost walking, but for now, just along furniture and walls. 

Pro Crawler. He chases me down when I vacuum. And he's fast. He always catches me!

Doesn't like blueberries. I find this odd because who doesn't?!

Has very sensitive skin. We don't eat gluten right now in an attempt to see if that will help his eczema.

Says "mama, dada, baba, brother, go, stop, hi dada, and oh chubby." The "oh chubby" is a little thing we always call him and he said it the other day in the same rhythmic tone and everything. 

Still breastfeeding almost exclusively and experimenting with real foods, no more purees.

Has 6 teeth. Four top, two bottom. 

Loves bath time.

Hates his nails clipped. Still.

Loves peek-a-boo.

Hates the car at night. Still.

Loves playing in his brother's room.

Hates being left out.

Loves puppies.

Hates diaper changes.

Loves strawberries.

Hates baby food.

Loves getting into things.

Hates his exersaucer.

Loves being in his Beco Carrier.

Hates his crib.

Loves snacks.

I'm not sure of his weight and height but hoping to find out soon at his next appointment.

He wears 12 month clothing and size 3 diapers. He's pretty average I'd say for his age. I think Eli might have been bigger at this stage. 

And lastly, here are the photos from his 9 month shoot that my friend and photographer did for us. She did my maternity pictures as well. I love them and am so happy she was able to capture my precious growing boy.

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