Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Time & a 10 Month Old

Every Monday I have been going down to my parent's house to squeeze in some family time. My mom is in full time nursing school and has a small window of free time. We use this time to see movies in the park near her house or sit in her garage sipping beer and watching the kids play. This was one such night.

I brought Eli's bike down since he has had very little time on one; he can't quite grasp the pedal thing so my dad had to help pull him along a bit. My mom put Owen in her bike seat and rode him numerous times around the block. It was one of those nights where it felt like summer-all wild and free with a warm breeze whipping in your face, sun cresting the horizon and the faint smell of barbecues grilling delicious dinners. In a word...perfect.

Sometimes I can literally feel life speeding up. Every day comes and goes into the next like flipping the pages of a book.
And sometimes life slows down for a minute like when I am with my parents, watching my children enjoy them, with them watching me enjoy my children. It feels like nothing else exists. I highly recommend checking out every great while. It's a time when I truly feel alive.


Weighs 19lbs and is 30% for weight and 70% for height (which I don't remember) His head was 90%!

Took his first steps...but not yet walking. Only three or four at a time. He's there just not confident.

Wears size 3 diapers. Size 12-18 mos clothing...

6 teeth and teething again. Oi!

Loves water. 

Loves watermelon.

Loves his brother and his toys.

Inspects everything with his mouth.

Including shoes! Eew!

Not napping very well these days.

Needs to be held to fall asleep. (a sudden change!)

Sleeps great throughout the night, but so hard to get to sleep and fights every.single.nap.every.single.day.

Talks very well already. 

Says brother, mama, dada, hi dada, baba, nun nun (hungry or thirsty or for anything he wants), bubba (sometimes referring to Eli), and ni-ni (for night night) and so many others that I can't quite tell but he says them over and over so I know it is something!

Mama's boy.

Loves to explore.

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  1. My heart just leaps with joy over these grand babes. What a joy to relive those moments through your photos. I had to copy. My post them myself! Thank you <3


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