A Correll Introduction

We're just as simple family of three thriving in a mountain community. 
My husband is Justin, a fire engineer and jack of all trades kind of guy...there's nothing he can't do.
Our son is Eli who just turned two this July...and is the light of our world.
And me, I'm just a simple mountain girl.
Among a lot of other things...

If you would like to read our introduction....click HERE.
(It's everything from how we met, to a wedding, tragic miscarriage and welcoming our long awaited joy, our son. )


  1. Heyyyy I live in a mountain community too!!!!!! (full of icky tourists on the weekends.....), but still a small mountain community during the weekdays. Except spring. Oh, and summer and winter too. Oh, and on holidays. Ok, ok, you get the
    Point. But I adore mountain and small community living :) in fact I wish Big Bear, Ca was smaller! Where do you live?


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Oh my how funny!!!!!! That is sooooo cool! Ok, I'm gonna start following you! I'm new to blogging and I don't have a "follow" option I don't think. I think my husband has it set up as a log in option, so become a user! Yayyyyyyy


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