25 Fun Facts

1. I'm just not one for socks. I would rather be barefoot most of the time...come on summer!
2.Spaghetti is the perfect meal---'nuff said.
3.I can hold a note rather well...but too shy to show it off!
4.Patience is a virtue...just not one of mine!
5.I'm super clean---Beyond clean..but not as organized.
6.I like things that smell like fruit...candles, body lotion, sprays....fruit.
7.I see the good in people...and am very forgiving most of the time.
8.I wish I were more "meaty"..being thin is a sore spot.
9.Someday I would love to travel to Europe...France on the top of the list....or anywhere with sunshine and gorgeous beaches.
10.I can see about as far as my nose...Yep, that great!
11.I dislike pet hair...goes along with the cleanliness thing...and would ya know I have a dog?!
12.Shopping is not my forte. I like new things, just not the process of getting them.
13.My voice turns unrecognizable at the sight of babies. I love 'em.
14.I can't leave things undone, which leads to not starting them, which goes along with no patience..Amazing I have a blog, really.
15.My family is my heart.
16.I love all shades of green and am a sucker for pastel purple...or lavender.
17.Video games are welcome in my home as long as they're not violent. I love the adventure ones for myself!
18. Soft sleeper right here. Even before baby. Just try pranking me...g'luck!
19.Weakness for Reese's Peanut Butter Cups...Oh man, so delish!
20.I'm a great driver...really.
21.I collect wood boxes..intricate ones, puzzle boxes, historical ones. I love me some boxes!
22.Taking pictures makes me happy...Well, duh.
23.Gardening is something I want to accomplish..So far, I grow grass really well!
24.My husband knows I am a sucker for acts of kindness.♥
25.I hate being late...I am most always on time unless it was out of my control, to which I probably got anxiety for being late.


  1. I love this facts sheet. It's always nice to know more about blog friends!

  2. I love this! Such a good way to get to know fun stuff about your 'blog frans'!
    Also, spaghetti is hands down the best/perfect meal. I agree 110%! My husband on the other hand would strongly disagree. :/

    1. haha, thank you! yes, I actually made spaghetti for dinner tonight:)


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